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  • Bryan Witherbee

Ferris Genomics Announces Partnership with Complete Genomics

Updated: Jan 11

Ferris Genomics has selected Complete Genomics’ DNBSEQ technology as a sequencing partner to better deliver cost-effective sequencing solutions. When coupled with Ferris’ AMRA process, this technology will strengthen the company’s ability to provide more quality data, in less time, optimizing the return on our customers’ genomics investment.


By adding sequencing instruments and reagents from Complete Genomics, featuring ground-breaking DNBSEQ technology, Ferris will offer customers versatility, flexibility, and speed that will enhance lab sequencing to support the mission of providing cost-effective sequencing solutions at scale and speed, to drive modern breeding pipelines.


“Ferris Genomics has been working in stealth mode since September 2023, building out our AMRA technology to enable cost-effective whole-genome library creation. We see Complete Genomics as a partner with a similar mission—to help enable customers to produce more quality data to fuel their research and development,” said Ferris Genomics CEO Bryan Witherbee.


Ferris Genomics is a company of genomics data experts and pioneers who have not only envisioned a better solution but created the means to achieve it. We have personally experienced the problems that affect our customers’ breeding programs, and know how to solve them. By partnering with our customers, we provide the cost-effective sequencing solutions they need to drive more quality, timely data for their genomics investment, to help them make better-informed decisions that result in the development of more productive, resilient plants and animals.



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