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  • Bryan Witherbee

Ferris Genomics Announces Collaboration with Gencove

Updated: Jan 15

Ferris Genomics and Gencove are pleased to announce a collaboration to provide end-to-end genomics sequencing services.

The new collaboration couples Gencove’s low-pass sequencing, imputation pipelines, and advanced cloud analytics tools with Ferris Genomics’ proprietary AMRA technology. The AMRA process enables microfluidic miniaturization and reaction efficiency, enabling faster delivery of more quality data, with lower costs for whole genome sequencing library preparation. Combining this technology with Gencove’s scalable, secure bioinformatics pipelines and advanced cloud-based analytics and management tools enables breeding programs globally to harness low- pass sequencing's power, bypassing cost barriers that typically limit access.

The collaboration will empower Ferris to provide full-service genomic sequencing, utilizing AMRA to deliver highly accurate sequencing data through their labs in St. Louis, Missouri, and Limerick, Ireland.


Ferris Genomics is a company of genomics data experts and pioneers who have not only envisioned a better solution, but created the means to achieve it. We have personally experienced the problems that affect our customers’ breeding programs, and know how to solve them. By partnering with our customers, we provide the cost-effective sequencing solutions they need to drive more quality, timely data for their genomics investment, to help them make better-informed decisions that result in the development of more productive, resilient plants and animals.

Gencove provides integrated solutions for genomic data generation, analysis, and management. With additional opportunities to improve human health and the challenge of feeding the world’s growing population, demand for large-scale genomic information is significantly increasing. To meet the need, Gencove has developed an end-to-end software platform for transforming genomic data into actionable insights.



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