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Ferris Genomics Announces Opening of EU Lab in Limerick, Ireland

Updated: Jan 5

Ferris Genomics has announced that it will be opening a European Union-based lab in Limerick, Ireland in January, 2024. This lab will expand the company’s scope, and their ability to bring best-in-class genomics data sequencing solutions and expertise to customers globally.


The lab will be located at Raheen Business Park, Limerick, Ireland. It comprises a state-of-the-art technology development center to advance high throughput genomics processing.


“Providing high quality genomics data to our customers has profound implications for improving the fundamental principles of sustainable agriculture,” says Ferris EU Site Lead John Daly. “It is fantastic news for Limerick, which has become a significant hub for life sciences and biopharma companies due to its rich scientific heritage and collaborative spirit.”


The new facility will host engineers, scientists and operations personnel to support and expand Ferris Genomics technology development and sequencing services. Establishing this European base underscores Ferris Genomics commitment to improving genomic solutions and fostering collaborative partnerships with customers in the EU.


“This significant expansion underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation, collaboration and the pursuit of excellence in genomics services. Our new base will increase our capacity to innovate to deliver on some of the most challenging genomic breeding programs,” adds Ferris CEO Bryan Witherbee.


Ferris Genomics is a company of genomics data experts and pioneers who have not only envisioned a better solution, but created the means to achieve it. We have personally experienced the problems that affect our customers’ breeding programs, and know how to solve them. By partnering with our customers, we provide the cost-effective sequencing solutions they need to drive more quality, timely data for their genomics investment, to help them make better-informed decisions that result in the development of more productive, resilient plants and animals.



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